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Yowexa YET-610L Handheld Thermometer Data Logger

Yowexa YET-610L Handheld Thermometer Data Logger

Update Terakhir 25 / 11 / 2022
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Rp. 3.657.450

Detail Yowexa YET-610L Handheld Thermometer Data Logger

YET-610 is an instrument used to measure temperature by applying the principle of thermocouple temperature measurement. Thanks to the high-precision circuit principle and high-precision reference source inside the instrument, coupled with accurate factory calibration, the resolution of the instrument reaches 0.01℃, and the factory precision reaches ±(0.3%|t|+0.40)℃.

YET-610 can display temperature change curve. This instrument also opens the point calibration function for users, and accurate multi-point calibration can greatly improve the measurement accuracy of the whole machine (the system composed of the host and the probe). This instrument supports the most commonly used K, T and J thermocouple probes. This compatibility with multiple types of probes expands the application fields of the instrument.

YET-610L adds the recording function on the basis of YET-610. YET-610L can record all the data during temperature measurement. The files generated by the recording can be viewed directly on this machine or on any device that supports reading U disk.

YET-610L also uses data space separation technology, so it can export files in a variety of different formats. Most importantly, the files stored in the instrument can be restored at any time and transferred to other devices. This backup measure effectively reduces the risk of accidental data loss by users.


Model YET-610L
Channel 1
Record Function Yes
Probe Type Support K, T, J type thermocouple
Unit ℃,℉
Device Measuring Range
Type K: -200~1370℃ Package with K probe: -50~350℃
Type T: -200~400℃ Package with K probe: -40~350℃
Type J: -200~1200℃ Package with J probe: -40~750℃

0.01℃ (-200.00℃~+999.99℃)
0.1℃ (+1000.0℃~+1370.0℃)
Accuracy ±(0.3%|t|+0.40)℃ up to ±0.1℃ after point calibration
Sample Rate 2 times/second
Calibration Multi-point calibration
Storage Capacity 20000 groups of readings
Record Interval 1~86399 seconds adj
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