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High Precision 2 Channel Thermocouple Thermometer Data Logger YET-620L

Update Terakhir
28 / 11 / 2022
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1 Unit
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Rp. 4.770.780
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Rp. 4.770.780
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Detail High Precision 2 Channel Thermocouple Thermometer Data Logger YET-620L

Aksesoris Laboratorium

Two Channels High Accuracy Dual Probes Thermocouple Thermometers With U-Dick Data Logger Function Optional

YET-620L is a high-precision instrument for measuring temperature. The instrument has an ultra-high measurement resolution of 0.01°C and an ultra-high measurement accuracy of 0.4℃.This instrument is suitable for all kinds of conditions that need to record and analyze the temperature. With 3 batteries, it can continuously record the data for about 160 hours.


• 32-Bit High-Speed Low-Power Processing Unit

• Input Multiplexer with Two Differential Channels

• Supports K, T and J Thermocouples Simultaneously

• 0.01 °C Maximum Resolution

• ±0.4°C Factory Accuracy

• Achieve Higher Accuracy: ±0.1°C after Point Calibrated

• Supports -200°C ~ +1370°C Wide Measurement Range

• Display Temperature Curve Chart

• Alarm Limit Settings and Sound Alarm

• LCD Display Maximum, Minimum, Average

• Sampling Rate 2 times/second

• Supports Record 20,000 Sets of Temperature Data

• Supports Generate 4 File Formats

• Supports Multiple Power Options

• Large LCD Display with Backlight
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