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IR Thermometer Data Logger with SD Card

IR Thermometer Data Logger with SD Card

Update Terakhir 12 / 12 / 2019
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Detail IR Thermometer Data Logger With SD Card

Data logger thermometer Infrared dan thermocouple thermometer

1:measuring data automatically converted into a CSV format to SD card

2:infrared temperature and K type temperature measuring

3:2.2 inches three lines big lcd display with backlight

4:The built-in laser circle with 13 laser spots increase the target accuracy

5:PC real-time monitoring and recording

6:C/F conversion

7:Adjustable emissivity

8:low power/overrange indication

9:auto power off

Model IR-867 IR -868 IR -869 IR -870 IR -871
Range IR -50~1180℃  -58~2156℉ -50~1380℃ -58~2516℉ -50~1680℃ -58~3056℉ -50~1980℃ -58~3596℉ -50~2280℃ -58~4136℉
TK -50~1370℃/-58~2498℉
Accuracy IR -50~0℃/-58~32℉:±4℃
Above 500℃/932℉:2% ±2℃/3.6℉
TK -50~1370℃/-58~2498℉: 1.5%±1℃/1.8℉
Optical Resolution 50:1
Emissivity Adjustable: 0.10~1.0
Resolution 0.1℃(0.1℉)﹤1000;1℃(1℉)﹥1000
Response Time ﹤250ms
Spectral Response 8~14um
Polarity Display Auto display, "-" indicates negative, while positive with no sign.
Diode Laser Output<1mW,630~670nm, class 2(Ⅱ)
Automatic Power Off Meter shuts off automatically after 20 seconds
Operating Temp. 0℃~50℃(32℉~122℉)
Storage Temp. -20℃~60℃(-4℉~140℉)
Relative Humidity Operating:10 to 95%R;Storage:<80%RH
Power Supply 9V battery
Weight 290g
Dimensions(L*W*H) 198*128*58mm