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  • Labgic Pen Colony Counter CC01
Labgic Pen Colony Counter CC01

Labgic Pen Colony Counter CC01

Update Terakhir 30 / 11 / 2022
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Detail Labgic Pen Colony Counter CC01

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Pen Colony Counter
Model CC01

Features - Used to count individual colonies on an agar plate, slide, mini gel, or Petri dish - The counting is accomplished with touch pressure and a digital counter - Acoustical count signal, touch, sound, and count occur simultaneously - Operate with single hand, easy to pick and place - Ergonomic and accuracy design, fatigue-free counting Instruction 1. Turn the power switch to ON. 2. The counting window shows "00000", which means ready for the counting. If there is other number than "00000" within the counting window, please press the reset button to zero. 3. Place the Petri dish upside-down to be inspected on the operating table. Colony Counter is used to count each colony on the bottom of the Petri dish. When the tip of the pen touches the bottom of the dish with a little pressure, the colony is marked with black dot. At the same time, there will be acoustical count signal, indicating that the counting is successful, and the number is accumulated. It can be used with LED lamp and magnifying glass to confirm if there’s omission of colony, then complete counting. 4. The number in the counting window is the number of colonies in the Petri dish. Record the number for further analysis. 5. Press the reset button and display "00000" for next count.