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Lux_UV_Thermohygro Data Logger

Lux_UV_Thermohygro Data Logger

Update Terakhir 01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail Lux_UV_Thermohygro Data Logger

adalah alat untuk mengukur 4 parameter sekaligus, UV light, Light, dan thermohygro


S653 illumination, UV intensity, temperature and humidity recorder is a compact recorder, which can simultaneously measure and record temperature, relative humidity, illumination and UV intensity, the LCD can also display the total light intensity and ultraviolet radiation intensity. USB communication interface can be used to communicate with the handheld data manager to facilitate the analysis of data.


  • Pocket size, Simple Operation and reliable performance.
  • Touch keys with large screen liquid crystal display.
  • Monitor irradiance, UV intensity, temperature and relative humidity Simultaneously.
  • One button switch,sample interval setting to record and storage of data automaticlly.
  • AC, DC dual-use, both to get the field at any time to measure the acquisition of data, but also for a long time to place the record.
  • Memory for 43000 readings.
  • Connect Logging Data to PC Through USB.


Model S635-LUX-UV
Light measuring 0~40000Lux
Light resolution 0.1Lux
Light accuracy ±4%rdg
Ultraviolet range 0~1000uW/cm2
Ultraviolet resolution 0.1uW/cm2
Ultraviolet accuracy ±10%rdg
Temperature measuring range -40~85℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.2℃
Humidity measuring range 0~100%RH
Humidity resolution 0.1%RH
Humidity accuracy ±3%RH
Refresh interval 3~240 seconds adjustable
Log interval 1 minute to 24 hours
Record capacity 4,3000
Battery 3.6V lithium battery * 2
LCD size 40mm * 28mm
Dimension 90mm(L) * 68mm(W) * 32mm(H)
Accessory Software CD, USB cable,Operation manual , battery.