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  • Millipore MF 8.0 µm MCE membran dia 47 mm SCWP04700
Millipore MF 8.0 µm MCE membran dia 47 mm SCWP04700

Millipore MF 8.0 µm MCE membran dia 47 mm SCWP04700

Update Terakhir 18 / 01 / 2024
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Detail Millipore MF 8.0 µm MCE Membran Dia 47 Mm SCWP04700

Aksesoris Laboratorium

Description MF-Millipore™ Membrane Filter, 8 µm pore size
Background Information Biologically inert mixtures of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate have made MF-Millipore™ membrane filters one of the most widely used membranes in analytical and research applications.

MF-Millipore™ filters without Triton® surfactant contain minimum amounts of wetting agent and have a lower water extractable content than standard MF-Millipore™ filters.

Features & Benefits:
- Versatile filter for biological and environmental monitoring applications
- Available in a range of pore sizes, colored black or white, with or without a gridded surface
- Compatible with ethylene oxide, gamma irradiation, and autoclave sterilization methods
Product Information
Filter Code SCWP
Filter Color White
Maximum Operating Temperature 75 °C
Quality Level MQ400
Application 47 mm diameter, mixed cellulose esters (MCE) membrane, hydrophilic, white, 100 discs
Biological Information
Media MF-Millipore
Wettability Hydrophilic
Physicochemical Information
Refractive Index 1.515
Pore Size 8.0 µm
Air Flow Rate 65 L/min x cm²
Bubble Point at 23 °C ≥0.42 bar, air with water
Gravimetric Extractables 6%
Porosity % 84%
Water Flow Rate
620 mL/min x cm²
Protein Binding 150 µg/cm²
Filter Surface Plain
Filter Dimensions 1.9 cm x 4.2 cm
Thickness 135 µm
Filter Diameter (⌀) 47 mm
Materials Information
Mixed Cellulose Esters (MCE)
Packaging Information
Material Size Hydrophilic, 8.0 µm, 47 mm, white, plain, 100