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Pen Thermohygrometer HT-9233

Pen Thermohygrometer HT-9233

Update Terakhir 27 / 05 / 2024
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Rp. 1.781.550

Detail Pen Thermohygrometer HT-9233

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Pen Thermohygrometer
Model No.HT-9233
Measurement Range
Temperature: 0~50 °C (32°F ~122 °F)
Humidity: 20% ~ 100% RH
Resolution Temperature: 0.1 ° for whole range
Humidity: 1 % RH for whole range
Accuracy ±1.0 °C (1.8 °F) in the range of -20°C ~70 °C (-4 °F~158 °F); otherwise more than ±1.0 °C (±1.8 °F)
Ambient Temperature -10°C ~ 50 °C (32 °F ~122 °F)
Probe Length 133 mm
Battery 1 x 3V “CR2032” size or equivalent
Moving head design
Dual display (temperature and humidity)
Temperature unit °C/°F selectable
Max/Min (°C/°F) temperature and humidity memory recalling
Applications Portable thermo-hygrometer is ideal for measuring temperature and humidity in building inspection, agriculture operation and green house, environmental studies, scientific research institute, laboratory , printing industry , food distribution, store room, art gallery, museum, hospital and clinics, HVAC installation and maintenance etc...