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Sound Level 5688 plus Thermal Printer plus SD card

Sound Level 5688 plus Thermal Printer plus SD card

Update Terakhir 03 / 05 / 2024
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Rp. 32.960.000

Detail Sound Level 5688 Plus Thermal Printer Plus SD Card

Aksesoris Laboratorium
A handhold noise measuring instrument
Multifunction and user- friendly sound level meter(sound level meter, integrating SLM, 1/1 OCT, 1/3 OCT analyzer, FFT analyzer, Noise dosimeter)
240×320 color screen
Measurement range up to 133dB
Synchronously do integrating measure, statistical, real-time 1/1 OCT, 1/3 OCT, FFT analysis and noise dosimeter measure
Comply with IEC 61672 Class 2 and IEC61260 Class 2 and IEC 61252
AWA5688 sound level meter with Bar graph Class Type 2 with Calibration Report High Accuracy 28 to 133dB Data Hold Auto Power Off mark
Language: English and Spanish

Product Uses

Comprehensive noise measurements
Environment noise certification
Noise profile measurement of industrial noise
Peak C sound level measurements
Impulse noise measurements
Workplace noise assessments
Industry boundary assessments


Fulfills Standards IEC 61672 Class 2,IEC 61260 Class 2,IEC61252:2002
Microphone 1/2” prepolarized condenser microphone for free field (Sensitivity Level: -36dB)
Preamplifier AWA14602 removable preamplifier
Frequency Range 20 Hz ~ 12.5kHz ± 1 dB (not including microphone)
Total Measurement Range 30dB-133dB
Frequency Weighting. Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, Z, B, D
Time Weighting Parallel (simultaneous) F, S, I, Peak
Measurement ParametersLxyp, Lxyi, Lxeq,1s, Lxeq,T, LAE, E, Cpeak, LAFmax, LAfmin, LAfeqT, LAseqT, LAieqT.
Note: X is A, C, Z and Y is F, S, I
A/D Bits: 24 bits
Sampling Frequency 32 kHz.
Calibration Using Sound Calibrator Class 2 model AWA6221B
Correction Function Diffusion field correction in order to comply with standards ANSI S1.4
Display 240×320 color screen, adjustable brightness, backlight can be closed
Display Resolution 0.1 dB
Low battery indication indicate low battery
Data Storage 3328 groups of integrating measuring results only.
32G SD card memory function is optional)
Print Mini-printer
Internal Clock Error less than 1 min/month