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Sound Level YW-532 YOWEXA

Sound Level YW-532 YOWEXA

Update Terakhir 28 / 11 / 2022
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Rp. 1.710.000

Detail Sound Level YW-532 YOWEXA

Aksesoris Laboratorium

Yowexa YW-532 Sound Level Meter

YW-532 is an instrument for measuring environmental noise, which can be used in the fields of machine manufacturing, equipment maintenance, architectural design, transportation, environmental protection and health care.

YW-532 resolution is 0.1dB, accuracy is ±1.5dB. The instrument supports A and C frequency meter rights. A weight attenuates the low frequency components of the original noise signal of the environment more, simulates the auditory characteristics of the human ear, evaluates the noise size from the hearing, so it is the most widely used, and the weight has less modification to the original noise signal of the environment. Can truly reflect the noise of the environment.

YW-532 support SLOW and FAST time weights. The time constant of SLOW time weight is 1 second, which is used to measure steady state noise, and the time constant of FAST time weight is 125 milliseconds, which is used to measure fast changing unstable noise.

YW-532 also provides a 3.5mm audio interface that outputs both DC and AC signals. DC interface outputs DC voltage signal, the voltage is proportional to the noise value(10mV/dB), which can be used for the secondary calibration of data or the expansion of display equipment, and the AC interface outputs AC voltage signal, which can be used for spectrum analysis of environmental noise.

Model YW-532
Storage capacity No 17280 sets of measurements
Record interval No 1 second to 10 minutes
Measuring range 30~130dBA; 35~130dBC
Resolution 0.1dB
Precision ±1.5dB (reference tone standard, 94dB@1kHz)
Measuring gear 30~130dB; 30~80dB; 50~100dB; 80~130dB
Response frequency 31.5Hz~8.5kHz
Sampling frequency 2 per second
Frequency weighted characteristics A and C rights
Time weighting characteristics FAST (time constant 125 milliseconds)
SLOW (time constant 1 second)
Analogical depiction 2dB/Characterization (30~130dB gear)
1dB/Characterization (other gear)