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Sugold JL-1 Colony Counter

Sugold JL-1 Colony Counter

Update Terakhir 30 / 11 / 2022
Minimal Pembelian 1 Unit


Rp. 5.799.750

Detail Sugold JL-1 Colony Counter

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Colony Counter Jl-1
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Colony counter is a kind of semi-automatic bacterial examination instrument with digital display. It is composed of counter, probe pen and counting pool. The counter is manufactured in integrated circuit design. Black depth background type counting pool, using energy-saving ring light side lighting, colony contrast clearly. According to the rule of bacterial count inspection, the instrument display is designed to be three digits. When the number of colony growth in a culture dish exceeds 999, the test sample should be diluted and redone to ensure the accuracy of count. This instrument can reduce the Labor intensity of the experimental personnel, improve the work efficiency and work quality. Products are widely used in food, beverages, drugs, biological products, sanitary products, drinking water, industrial waste water, clinical samples in the detection of bacterial count. It is a necessary
instrument for all levels of health and epidemic prevention stations, environmental monitoring stations, food safety, hospitals,
biological products institutes, drug control institutes, food factories, daily chemical factories, universities, scientific
research institutions and laboratories.
Model number JL-1
Counter capacity 0-999
Led Lamp Power 7W
Magnifying power 5-10 times
Charging function NO
Charging standby time NO
Sound off NO
Supply Voltage DC12V
Counting pool size φ110MM
Colony pen Two
Overall size 230×230×90MM
Weight 2KG