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TSS Meter and Turbidity Meter

TSS Meter and Turbidity Meter

Update Terakhir 19 / 06 / 2023
Minimal Pembelian 1 Unit


Rp. 16.993.600

Detail TSS Meter And Turbidity Meter

Aksesoris Laboratorium

The portable turbidity/Total suspended solids analyzer combines the scattered light method and the transmitted light method, and uses a near-infrared light source to eliminate chromaticity interference. Two detectors, 90°and 180°, are set in the instrument.The 180°detector receives the transmitted light and the 90°detector receives the scattered light. Measure the ratio of the intensity of scattered light and transmitted light, and calculate the concentration of suspended solids and turbidity in the sample.

Place of Origin Zhejiang, China
Brand Name Lohand
0~20NTU Turbidity;
0~1000NTU Turbidity
0~1000mg/L TSS

Indication error
±0.1NTU or ±5%NTU(0-20NTU Turbidity);
±0.3NTU or ±8%NTU(0-1000NTU Turbidity);
±0.3mg/L or ±8%mg/L(0-1000mg/L Tss)

<5NTU,≤±0.05NTU;≥5NTU,≤±1%NTU 0-20Turbidity
<10NTU,≤±0.1NTU;≥10NTU,≤±1%NTU 0-1000Turbid
<10mg/L,≤±0.1mg/L;≥10mg/L,≤±1%mg/L 0-1000TSS

Calibration 4 points calibration
(optional calibration solution) turbidity;
Zero drift ≤±0.1NTU
Working temperature 5 - 40℃
Storage temperature -10 - 55℃
Humidity 0-80%RH
Power lithium battery(Optional dry battery)
IP grade IP65
Size 170*72*44mm
Weight 290g
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