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  • Bante Turbidity Meter TB-200
Bante Turbidity Meter TB-200

Bante Turbidity Meter TB-200

Update Terakhir 15 / 02 / 2024
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Rp. 15.250.000

Detail Bante Turbidity Meter TB-200

Benchtop Turbidity Meter
Model : TB200
Merk : BNante Instrument

Multiparameter benchtop turbidity meter with the Total Suspended Solids measurement mode, 2 to 7 points calibration, selectable 4 turbidity units. The meter is suitable for laboratory use.

Features :
• Multiparameter benchtop turbidity meter is equipped with a 4.5 inches TFT display.
• 2 to 7 points calibration using the Formazin Standards.
• Selectable 4 turbidity units, including the NTU, FNU, EBC and ASBC.
• TSS conversion factor ensures the accurate measurement of the total suspended solids.
• Auto-Read function senses and locks a stable reading.
• Password protection prevents the unauthorized calibration and settings.
• Setup menu allows setting the date and time, measurement mode, resolution, auto-power off,
• Expanded memory stores or recalls up to 200 data sets.
• USB communication interface is easy to transfer data to PC.
• Reset function automatically resumes all settings back to the factory defaults.

Applications :
• Industrial wastewater plants
• Municipal water and other industrial applications

Specifications :
Turbidity Range 0~2000 NTU, 0~500 EBC, 0~9999 ASBC
Accuracy 2% (0~500 NTU), 3% (501~2000 NTU)
Resolution 0.01 (0~100 NTU), 0.1 (100~999 NTU), 1 (999~2000 NTU)
Calibration Points 2 to 7 points
Calibration Standards , 1000, 1500, 2000 NTU
TSS Range Deponding on the TSS conversion factor
Accurac y+_3% of reading
Resolution 0.1, 1
General Light Source Infrared-emitting diode, 850nm wavelength
Detector Silicon photodiode
Stray Light < 0.02 NTU
Memory Stores up to 200 data sets
Output USB communication interface
Display 4.5" TFT LCD
Power DC12V, using AC adapter, 220V/50Hz
Auto-Power Off 2 hours after last key pressed
Dimensions 250(L)177(W)96(H)mm
Weight 1.2kg