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Yowexa YET-640L 4 Channel Thermometer Data Logger

Yowexa YET-640L 4 Channel Thermometer Data Logger

Update Terakhir 28 / 11 / 2022
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Rp. 6.099.450

Detail Yowexa YET-640L 4 Channel Thermometer Data Logger

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YET-640L 4 Channel Data Logging High Temperature Thermocouple Thermometer


YET-640 series thermocouple thermometer is used for temperature measurement. YET-640 series supports four channels to measure temperature at the same time, and the temperature change curve can be displayed in single-channel mode.

Model YET-640L
Channel 4
Recording Function Yes
PC Software No
Probe Type K, T, J type thermocouple
Unit ºC, ºF
Measuring Range K Type: -200ºC~+1370ºC
T Type: -200ºC~+400ºC
J Type: -200ºC~+1200ºC
Resolution 0.01ºC (-200.00ºC~+999.99ºC)
0.1ºC (+1000.0ºC~+1370.0ºC)
Accuracy ±(0.3%|t|+0.40)ºC
Sample Rate 2 times/second
Calibration Multi-point calibration
Storage Capacity No 20000 groups of readings
Sample Interval No 1~86399 seconds adjustable
File Format txt, csv, xls
Display Dot matrix LCD display with backlight
Operation Temperature -10ºC~+50ºC(Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -20ºC~+60ºC(Without battery)
Power Supply 3 pcs of 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
3 pcs of 1.2V AAA rechargeable batteries
Battery Life About 100 hours (Condition: Instrument continues to work, backlight is off, battery capacity is 1200mAh and environment temperature is 25ºC)
Protection Class IP52
Dimension 176*73*40mm
Weight About 216g (Not including batteries and probes)