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  • Vent Hydrophobic Syringe Filter PTFE Diameter 50mm 0.22um
Vent Hydrophobic Syringe Filter PTFE Diameter 50mm 0.22um

Vent Hydrophobic Syringe Filter PTFE Diameter 50mm 0.22um

Update Terakhir 29 / 11 / 2022
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Detail Vent Hydrophobic Syringe Filter PTFE Diameter 50mm 0.22um

Aksesoris Laboratorium

50mm Vent Filter PT
Microlab Scientific’s 50mm Vent Filters are sterilizing filter for Venting and Liquid Solutions. It removes microorganisms, particles, precipitates, and undissolved powders larger than nominal pore size such as 0.22μm. The special construction allows minimal hold-up volume and particle shedding, making Vent Filters ideally suited for the critical needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
Reusable, autoclavable, ideal for use with bioreactors and fermenters
Have broad chemical resistance
Large surface area provides greater throughput and permits higher air flow rates
Sterile venting of carboys, filling vessels, fermentation tanks, bioreactors
Venting of Small product or intermediates tanks
Small volume venting and degassing
Sterile gas purging of culture vessels
Sterile gas delivery to instruments, incubators and culture vessels
Protection of laboratory personnel from vacuum pump exhaust contaminants
Filter low volumes of aggressive solvents and aqueous solutions
Protect pump components from liquid damage by using between a pump and receiving vessel
Chromatography solutions

Materials of Construction
Filter Media PTFE, other Filter Media are available, such as PES/Nylon66 /PP/GF/PVDF
Support & Housing PP
Sealing technology Thermal Bonding, No Adhesives
Membrane Diameter 50mm
Inlet/Outlet 7~13 mm stepped hose barb connection with 6:100 Luer slip
Filtration Area, ft2 ≥ 0.021
Pore Size, μm 0.22/0.45; other Pore size are available.
Bubble Point & Air Flow Rate (PTFE 0.22 μm, 0.01 μm for air & gas)
Bubble Point: ≥ 900 mbar with 60/40% IPA/water
Air Flow Rate: ≥ 25 L/min at 1 bar
Maximum Operating Pressure
Forward: 3.5 bar @ 23℃ and 3.0 bar @ 60℃ for liquid; 3.0 bar @ 23℃ and 2.5 bar @ 60℃ for air & gas.
Bacterial Retention (for 0.22 μm PES/PTFE )
Passed the bacterial challenge testing using Brevundimonas diminuta(ATCC19146) at a minimum challenge concentration of 1 x 107 CFU/cm2